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The Effectiveness of Frequency in Advertising

In his book “Successful Advertising,” Thomas Smith, says this about effective frequency in advertising: The 1st time people look at ad, they don’t see it. The 2nd time, they don’t notice it. The 3rd time, they are aware that it is there. The 4th time, they have a fleeting sense that they’ve seen it before. The 5th time, they actually read the ad. The 6th time, they thumb their nose at it. The 7th time, they get a little irritated [...]

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Dream-Targeted Display Advertising

If you think those targeted display ads that “follow you around” the internet are good at predicting the things you want to buy, just wait until you hear about dream-targeting. Research shows that 30% of people have a positive or very positive reaction to targeted display ads based on web searches, content consumed on the internet and even smartphone location data because it can effectively show them products that are relevant to their own personal interests. Today a new kind of [...]

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How does display advertising impact SEO and Paid Search?

Because I came from the PPC/SEO world, I am often asked, "How does targeted display (or geo-fencing or OTT/CTV or any digital “branding” campaign) impact SEO and/or Paid Search?" It’s a great question and the technical answer is that one doesn’t really impact the other. The best display campaign in the world won’t help a website rank higher on Google because Google doesn’t reward websites for running display campaigns. That said, there is a relationship between the two strategies. Display [...]

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In Advertising, Local Follows National.

I've worked with local businesses for nearly two decades and there's one pretty constant rule I can count on when it comes to their choice to advertise: they don't like to take risks. Unlike the big national brands who they claim have unlimited advertising budgets, their choice to invest in advertising literally take money out of their own pockets. They expect advertising to work. They expect a positive ROI. They expect that investment to find its way right back into [...]

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When Does It Make Sense To Optimize Your Display Campaign To An Action? (And When Doesn’t It?)

Business owners, when you aren’t satisfied that your display campaign is for branding, or when CTR isn’t enough evidence that the campaign is working, optimizing to a separate action can often lead to a more satisfaction with results. I’m talking to you savvy clients. You know who you are. You spend a lot of time analyzing reports and data, looking for signals of a positive ROI. You aren’t always happy with general results like increased store traffic and an overall [...]

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Targeted Display Via Geo-fencing. How It Works And How Advertisers Will Use It.

So you probably understand by now that display ads are targeting you based on the websites you visit, the keywords you search and the content that you read, right? We’ve all shopped for boots or sneakers, only to see them appearing in display ads a few minutes later as we surf the web. You may have even felt that this kind of targeting was a little creepy the first time you experienced it. But if you’re like 85% of consumers [...]

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Measuring Display Campaign Success

Nothing makes me happier than when someone smarter than me backs up a lessons I've been preaching with intelligent facts and an amazing infographic. So, I simply had to share this infographic by The Boston Consulting Group. But first, here's a peek at my video where I teach advertisers that the best way to measure a display campaign, isn't using CTR (click-through-rate), but rather, by focusing on metrics like quantity of web traffic, increased brand name searches and higher quality [...]

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Don’t use landing pages with display

Landing pages make perfect sense for PPC campaigns. A user Googles his need. Your text ad answering his need appears. He clicks it and goes to a special page you've built just for him. Awesome for two reasons: One, it's a good user experience. The landing page is usually more relevant to the user's specific query than your more generic home page. Two, you can track the leads all the way from the search through to the landing page and [...]

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How a Search Campaign is Like a Pandora Radio Station.

I take it for granted now, but I still remember the wonder and excitement I experienced when I first discovered Pandora Radio. The idea that I could create my very own radio station, customized to the kind of music that I liked… that was brand new territory not that long ago. For anyone who is unfamiliar with how Pandora works, it’s actually very cool. You “seed” a radio station by starting with one song or one artist. From there, Pandora [...]

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Targeted Display and the Purchase Funnel

If you're considering running targeted display advertising (aka retargeting), this presentation will help you understand how different targeting strategies will get your ad in front of prospects at different times during their purchase cycle. Unfortunately, this presentation does not include lyrics with the animation. Contact me for details if you'd like to know more.

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