Could Programmatic Media be the Solution to Zero-Click and AI Searches?

For years, advertisers have been told to create valuable content, and that they would be rewarded with high SERP rankings and subsequent web traffic. Zero-click and AI are changing that paradigm. These were the topics that Charity Huff of January Spring and I discussed on a recent episode of TV. Let’s start with Google’s zero click initiative. SEM Rush says “A zero-click search is when someone enters a query on a search engine but doesn't end up clicking on any of [...]

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How does display advertising impact SEO and Paid Search?

Because I came from the PPC/SEO world, I am often asked, "How does targeted display (or geo-fencing or OTT/CTV or any digital “branding” campaign) impact SEO and/or Paid Search?" It’s a great question and the technical answer is that one doesn’t really impact the other. The best display campaign in the world won’t help a website rank higher on Google because Google doesn’t reward websites for running display campaigns. That said, there is a relationship between the two strategies. Display [...]

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How To Maintain A WordPress Website? 50+ Essential Steps [Infographic]

Guest Post author Sudhir Bhushan is a Tech & Social enthusiast. He is also a Web Entrepreneur by Profession and loves to write about latest trends in Social Media & SEO. WordPress, as we know, is one of the best platforms in the CMS world. It is open-source, free to use and offers an array of features that make running a website with this CMS an absolute treat. Moreover, it provides you with constant updates to plugins and themes that [...]

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Forget about Search Engine Optimization

I remember the very first time I discovered how to make a website rank on page one of the search engines. It was 2005ish and I was selling online business profile pages for the yellow pages company I worked for. These profile pages were simple, template pages that allowed for the business to post its NAP and a business description, but otherwise they weren’t very robust. Anyway, a friend of mine figured out how to alter the title tag to [...]

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Internet Marketing Insights. Ep 1. Onsite SEO with Kevin Pike

On this episode of Internet Marketing Insights, I am joined by Kevin Pike, the Interactive Marketing Director at Sweet Spot Marketing to discuss Onsite SEO. Listen to internet radio with AMDG Radio on BlogTalkRadio References: Title Tags Meta Description Heading Tags Keyword Stuffing What is Wordpress? Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast The Birth of PageRank Anchor Text Animals that start with P   Transcript DAVID: Welcome to Internet Marketing Insights. Each week on our program we choose a theme related [...]

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Five Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

I talk to a lot of small business owners who are trying to figure out the world of internet marketing. The days of buying a yellow pages ad or even some newspaper ads have been complicated by the many channels that are now available online. And not only are they complicated strategies in many cases, but they are also changing all the time. It's very likely this very blog post will be outdated a year from now. Ughhhh. So for [...]

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Setting Your SEO Budget and Expectations

There’s no way to set budget for SEO and provide accurate expectations. There are too many variables that the SEO specialist cannot control. Let’s look at a couple of cases. I recently worked with a tire dealer in a medium size suburb. We searched ten pages deep for him on five of his best keywords. He was nowhere to be found. I recommended a few onsite changes and asked him to invest less than $1000 for me to build him [...]

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Why Do My Competitors’ Sites Rank Higher Than Mine?

It's the million dollar question - why are your competitors' sites ranking better on the search engines? The answer is nearly always one of the following: 1) Their website is more relevant. They have more content on their site about the given keyword for which they are beating you on the SERP. Or maybe their content is fresher than yours. How to beat the competition: Add lots of your own fresh, relevant, quality content. Consider blogging or updating your news [...]

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A List of Different Kinds of Backlinks

I was recently talking with a business owner who was all about do-it-yourself-SEO. He’s gotten his website to rank on page one for several of his local keywords, but I’m suspicious that his competitors didn’t have a whole lot going on in the SEO department. So even his part-time SEO efforts as a hobby were more than effective enough to get him where he wanted to be. One of the topics we discussed was links. He knew that links are [...]

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Looking at SEO before building a website

I just got a call from a friend who knew I “have something to do with websites and Google, right?” :) She asked if I would help her out with something. She then proceeded to tell me that her web designer wasn’t making her very happy. Apparently, he had completed her website, gotten his final payment, and was no longer returning her calls. She was frustrated because she wasn’t able to find her website on the first page of Google [...]

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