Targeted Display and the Purchase Funnel

If you're considering running targeted display advertising (aka retargeting), this presentation will help you understand how different targeting strategies will get your ad in front of prospects at different times during their purchase cycle. Unfortunately, this presentation does not include lyrics with the animation. Contact me for details if you'd like to know more.

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From Search to Display. It’s a Whole New World.

If you've ever read my stuff you know that I normally write about SEO, link building, pay per click and social media. I'm a huge fan of blogging and infographics too. Honestly, I thought I was pretty well rounded when it came to the world of "internet marketing." Boy have I ever had a wake up call over the past few months. That's because I've entered the world of Display Advertising. "What? Display you say?!" Yep. Display. But if you're [...]

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Targeted Display “On what sites will my ads appear?”

So you're thinking of trying out targeted display (retargeting) and you want to know: "On what sites will my ads appear?" I actually hear this question a lot. And that's to be expected based on what advertisers understand about display advertising before programatic buying and RTB (Real Time Bidding). So here's my best answer. Most DSPs (demand side platforms - basically, the companies that sell targeted display) work with several different exchanges that represent thousands of websites - or said [...]

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