Attention Advertisers: Small Screens Aren’t Really That Small

I read a quote recently on MediaPost that got me thinking about how my family watches television and movies. It read: “Contrary to conventional wisdom only a short time ago, it’s becoming clear that consumers are happy to watch just about any type of media content on their small screens." Later that evening, I was sitting in my favorite spot watching the 55-inch television prominently displayed on the wall between my bookcases. My wife was going back and forth between [...]

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Think Mobile First. It’s More Important Than You Realize.

According to comScore, 7 out of every 10 hours we spend on the web are on mobile devices. All those years of wanting a big screen TV and we choose to stare at a screen that’s smaller than most turtles. What the heck is that all about? Of course, the answers are obvious: ease of use, accessibility, portability. It’s not like it’s convenient to use our laptop computers while we’re in line at Trader Joe’s or at our kid’s softball [...]

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Over ONE HUNDRED Awesome Mobile Stats

"This is the year of mobile." I've been hearing that quote since 2012. I may have even uttered it a few times myself. But it really came to pass this last year. In 2016 mobile devices overtook desktop in internet usage worldwide. That means that your website needs to be mobile responsive, you need a mobile SEO plan, a mobile PPC campaign, and you need mobile ads added to your targeted display campaigns. You might even think about Geo-fencing! Take [...]

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Targeted Display Via Geo-fencing. How It Works And How Advertisers Will Use It.

So you probably understand by now that display ads are targeting you based on the websites you visit, the keywords you search and the content that you read, right? We’ve all shopped for boots or sneakers, only to see them appearing in display ads a few minutes later as we surf the web. You may have even felt that this kind of targeting was a little creepy the first time you experienced it. But if you’re like 85% of consumers [...]

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