How Commercials are Being Resurrected on Streaming TV

Photo Credit CBS As I talk to business owners around the country about the growth of OTT/CTV, there is one objection that has been challenging to overcome. While they mostly agree that everyone is watching streaming television (71% of internet users use an OTT/CTV service at least once a month) they also believe that most of that viewing is taking place on SVODs (subscription-based video on demand services) like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO NOW where there are no ads, [...]

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In Advertising, Local Follows National.

I've worked with local businesses for nearly two decades and there's one pretty constant rule I can count on when it comes to their choice to advertise: they don't like to take risks. Unlike the big national brands who they claim have unlimited advertising budgets, their choice to invest in advertising literally take money out of their own pockets. They expect advertising to work. They expect a positive ROI. They expect that investment to find its way right back into [...]

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