Every business is trying to understand the ins and outs of Internet Marketing.

While there are hundreds of blogs, books, podcasts and articles on the subject, one of the best ways to learn is by attending one of David’s Seminars.

David’s ability to convert complex strategies into information that anyone can understand, and his ability to infuse potentially boring information with a little humor has made his seminars a success all over the United States and Canada.

Here are a few of David’s most popular seminars. If you don’t see your topic here, David can create a custom presentation for your organization.

Featured Topics

Reputation Management Trends
It’s time to stop “managing” your online reputation. We have to quit “taking care of” negative reviews and comments. Businesses and individuals must embrace their online presence and shape their reputation with intention and purpose.

Consumers already trust what others say about you more than all of your great marketing and clever ad campaigns combined. You have no power to eliminate or disguise an unhappy customer base or a social trail of negative breadcrumbs.

The future is in being proactive and creating an online presence that isn’t easily damaged with a handful of bad reviews, a negative expose or irresponsible social posts.

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Trends of Internet Marketing
Marketing professionals must continue to stay current on the latest online technologies, practices and trends to keep their competitive edge. Other important aspects of Internet marketing include tracking Web analytics and creating search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to expand the reach of a business or brand.

Here are a few of David’s most popular seminars. If you don’t see your topic here, David can create a custom presentation for your organization.

• Ranking on Google – A Deep Dive into SEO, Local Maps and Paid Search Strategies
• The Website Experience: Converting Clicks Into Cash
• Online Targeted Display Advertising: Reaching Your Relevant Audience
• Internet Marketing ROI: Taking Advantage of the 5+ Hours a Day that Your Prospects are Online

Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch
David McBee has held several training positions during the course of his career, the latest as the Director of Training for Simpli.fi. In this role, David trains thousands of professional sellers across the United States, Canada and Australia (in person and virtually).

In creating content for these sellers, David wrote and produced Ten Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch. If you have sellers in your organization, it’s very likely that some or all of these tips would make for valuable content. David has prepared approximately ten minutes of content for each tip. Pick and choose your favorites for your team of eager sellers.

• Agree on agenda, goal and next steps before you begin
• Have a clear BAC (Best Action Commitment) and MAA (Minimum Acceptable Action)
• Have passion for the product and the prospect
• 9 ways to improve your virtual meeting etiquette and proficiency
• Speak in terms your customer understands
• Don’t focus on how the product works, but rather how it will help the buyer
• Do not speak ill of competitors – learn the 5-step formula
• Ditch the script. Listen and respond accordingly
• Improve the quality of your presentation deck
• Re-sell and upsell at every meeting

If you’re interested in having David speak with your group, please contact him directly.