How To Maintain A WordPress Website? 50+ Essential Steps [Infographic]

Guest Post author Sudhir Bhushan is a Tech & Social enthusiast. He is also a Web Entrepreneur by Profession and loves to write about latest trends in Social Media & SEO. WordPress, as we know, is one of the best platforms in the CMS world. It is open-source, free to use and offers an array of features that make running a website with this CMS an absolute treat. Moreover, it provides you with constant updates to plugins and themes that [...]

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Do it Yourself Web Design or Hire Professional Web Designer?

I’ve worked with a lot of small and medium businesses over the years, and this is a question I get a lot. Should they try and build their own website, or should they hire a professional web designer? In my opinion the answer to that question can be answered by asking them two more. First, how much time can you dedicate to building a website? This is really huge. No matter how technically efficient you may or may not be, [...]

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Has Google Made the Web Boring?

I was recently talking with a client who really likes his website. He feels it's creative and beautiful and a great experience for his potential customers. He's right. It is a cool site - colorful, vivid, interesting. There's not a square button in site... on the site. One problem - the site doesn't rank for his keywords. Even in the small neck of the woods where he is, without a ton of local competition, he's struggling to rank. And here's [...]

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