Why Do My Competitors’ Sites Rank Higher Than Mine?

It's the million dollar question - why are your competitors' sites ranking better on the search engines? The answer is nearly always one of the following: 1) Their website is more relevant. They have more content on their site about the given keyword for which they are beating you on the SERP. Or maybe their content is fresher than yours. How to beat the competition: Add lots of your own fresh, relevant, quality content. Consider blogging or updating your news [...]

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Unlocking Some of the Mysteries of Online Marketing Part 1 of 3 • The Geography of the SERP and Local/Maps Enhancement

I don’t hear it as much as I used to, but when people find out I’ve visited the Google campus and been Certified in Google AdWords, the first question they would inevitably ask me would be “How do I get my business on the first page of Google?” “Good question.” I would reply. “Let me know if you find out.” Truth is, there’s no easy formula for getting a great spot on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) There are [...]

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Unlocking Some of the Mysteries of Online Marketing Part 2 of 3 • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-ClickGoogle’s version of pay-per-click is called AdWords. Keeping this as simple as possible, here’s how it works. A dentist wants his listing to show when someone Googles “Tulsa dentists”. He signs up for an AdWords account, and bids on that keyword. Let’s say he’s willing to pay $3 every time someone clicks on his ad. That means he’ll show up higher than the other dentists bidding on that same keyword who aren’t willing to pay $3/click [...]

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Unlocking Some of the Mysteries of Online Marketing Part 3 of 3 • Social Media and The Value of Blogging

Social Media If you don’t use it, you probably don’t get it. I realize that’s a pretty blanket statement, but the perception of social media is so different than the actual practice that those who aren’t on facebook, or who don’t tweet often view it all as a big waste of time. If that’s you, you may even be asking yourself why you’re reading this article. “Because I see it everywhere, so there must be something to it.” Great. At [...]

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