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Why I’m Obsessed With Being a Google Local Guide

I’ve been a little bit of a Google fanatic for awhile now. You see, I had the privilege of being AdWords trained by Brad Geddes a decade ago, and that changed the whole direction of my career and life. I went from being a yellow pages rep to an internet marketing consultant – thank you, Google! At some point in my self-study of Google, I learned their mission statement: "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and [...]

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Forget about Search Engine Optimization

I remember the very first time I discovered how to make a website rank on page one of the search engines. It was 2005ish and I was selling online business profile pages for the yellow pages company I worked for. These profile pages were simple, template pages that allowed for the business to post its NAP and a business description, but otherwise they weren’t very robust. Anyway, a friend of mine figured out how to alter the title tag to [...]

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Setting Your SEO Budget and Expectations

There’s no way to set budget for SEO and provide accurate expectations. There are too many variables that the SEO specialist cannot control. Let’s look at a couple of cases. I recently worked with a tire dealer in a medium size suburb. We searched ten pages deep for him on five of his best keywords. He was nowhere to be found. I recommended a few onsite changes and asked him to invest less than $1000 for me to build him [...]

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