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Five Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

I talk to a lot of small business owners who are trying to figure out the world of internet marketing. The days of buying a yellow pages ad or even some newspaper ads have been complicated by the many channels that are now available online. And not only are they complicated strategies in many cases, but they are also changing all the time. It's very likely this very blog post will be outdated a year from now. Ughhhh. So for [...]

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Google BLOOP and other Silly Google Terms

Ever talked to someone about SEO and they started throwing around terms that made no sense to you? I know I'm guilty of it. I'll say something like, "That backlink will give you some really good Google Juice," before I realize that the person I'm talking to hasn't the slightest idea of what I mean by that. So in today's post, I'm going to provide brief explanations of some of these terms. If you want a meatier, more in depth [...]

Anchor Text Strategies for Backlinks

I talk to people every single day about anchor text and I am constantly surprised by how much peoples’ opinions differ on the subject. Most are basing their opinions on what they've read on blogs from 2009 and 2010. Others have had personal experience with running campaigns and know what works and what doesn't. In my role, I read as much as I can to stay up to date on the subject. But more importantly, I see the real live [...]

Exact Match Anchor Text & Partial Match Anchor Text

I couldn't have said this better myself, so I'm simply posting an excerpt from the (GREAT) article:“Beyond Exact Match Anchor Text To Next Generation Link Signals – Whiteboard Friday” September 8, 2011 – Posted by Cyrus Shepard on love exact match anchor text! It's the Holy Grail of links that make our rankings soar - or does it? Many SEOs predict Google will continue to devalue exact match anchors as their algorithm evolves in the age of Panda. We've [...]

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How Many Links Do I Need? How Many Keywords Can I Target?

I talk with a lot of clients about link building and I inevitably get the same questions again and again. First, they want to know how many links they’ll need to get to page one (or the top of page one). And second, they want to know how many keywords they can get to page one with their links. To answer these questions, I’ve come up with another one of my famous analogies.  I hope it makes sense to you. [...]

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