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On Which Streaming Service Should I Advertise?

Advertisers are hearing the stats about all the migration to streaming TV. They’ve cut the cord at home and find themselves watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Pluto and many other online channels. While watching ad supported programs, they’re seeing the commercials and that’s got them wondering if connected TV should be a part of their advertising strategy in 2021. The answer to that last query is yes, most definitely. It’s time to advertise in the OTT/CTV space. But the question of which [...]

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You’ve got to have a video!

I get asked a lot why I think that businesses need video on their web sites. So I'm going to show you a handful of examples of websites using video in an effective manner. But first, consider this. When you pick up a magazine, what's the first thing you do? I know that I flip through it and look at the pictures. If the pictures compel me to, I'll then read the articles. But a lot is riding on those [...]

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