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Challenging Google, Facebook & Yelp to fix their #FakeReview problem.

Source: Policing the internet again, Google discourages review-gating. Review-gating is just so terrible! (Where's the sarcasm font when I need it?) What's review-gating? It's the practice of asking customers if they are happy before encouraging them to write a review on Google. Oh my gosh. What a terrible, awful thing to do. (More sarcasm. You probably caught it that time, huh?) I say Google is "discouraging" review-gating as though I'm discouraging my son from texting and driving. No, discouraging is the wrong word. Because if [...]

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Be Careful Handing Out Those One-Star Reviews.

photo credit Tero Vesalainen Look. I get it. You had a negative experience with that business and you want to get it off your chest. They were rude, they didn’t react quickly enough to your needs, or they didn’t show enough interest in your request. So you think it’s a good idea to go over to Google, Facebook or Yelp and tell the world what happened to you. I understand. I really do. Heck, I’ve written my share of reviews. But [...]

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How to Share Third Party Content on Social Media Without Breaking Copyright Laws

It seems innocent enough. Taking that meme or picture you found on the web and sharing it on your Business' Facebook page, right? I mean, who can be expected to generate fresh original content every day, multiple times a day? Grabbing a cute pic from Pinterest and posting it to your business's Facebook page is something "everybody does". But this process can get you into trouble. Stock photography brokers are crawling the web, and finding their photographer's images being used [...]

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