Internet Marketing is more complicated than ever.

With new technology emerging every day, staying informed about internet marketing is more challenging that at any time in our history. David McBee is dedicated to internet education through his seminars, webinars and podcasts. Whether he is researching and presenting the latest trends or interviewing experts in their field, David’s is constantly creating content that will elevate your business online.

“David is an outstanding sales trainer. His training is visually clear and concise and he makes it easy to understand sometimes complex subject matter. We find his training to be incredibly “meaty,” and a great use of our staff’s time. We always walk away with something that resonates with us, and find ourselves referencing his material in our sales meetings frequently.”

Amber Aldrich, Local Sales Director at The Seattle Times

“What David accomplished in our sales training was something I’ve seen no trainers/educators do since I’ve been selling digital media: take terms like ‘element level marketing’ and ‘unstructured data’, boil them down to something as simple and engaging as a bag of Skittles, then plug them in to an ‘anybody can do this’ role play/demo pitch; add like-ability and accessibility and you’ve got a first-rate talent.”

Brad Ames, Digital Media Strategist at Ames.Digital Media Services
“David McBee is a fantastic speaker – and if you are programming an event for a marketing trade show, b2b organization or educating employees – do yourself a favor and call him! He’ll make you look great. Not only will he hold the attention of your audience, speak with the audience (not at them) and keep people smiling, participants will go home with actionable information.”
Sean Rogers, Director, Client Development at Gannett

“What sets David apart is his ability to translate his digital knowledge into actionable steps that help businesses connect with their customers. He doesn’t lose folks in big words but meets them on their level, from beginner to advanced, and he’s never rattled by any question. In fact, he’s so quick on his feet that even the toughest, most serious questions are answered in such a fashion that the group relaxes and learns (and often laughs).”

Jeff Biletnikoff, Digital Media Manager at JET 24/FOX 66/

“I have attended several of David’s seminars, as well as engaged his services to work with the American Rental Association of Pennsylvania. I have always found him to be engaging, thorough, and most importantly, knowledgeable. He is always well versed on current technology and trends, as well as what is on the horizon. I recommend David to any organization looking to improve their on-line presence.”

Carol Frederick, President at Tel-Power Tool & Equipment Rental, Inc.