Using Facebook for your business is a great way to get your business noticed without spending a fortune. Don’t think of it as “one more place you  have to advertise” because it really can be fun and easy. By keeping your Facebook page current and informative, your business can create a great online presence in conjunction with your website.

Showcase your business by creating a great Facebook page. Your Facebook page is just as important as your website. Make sure you portray your business well on Facebook by making it easy to understand, honest, and relevant. When users “Like” your page, you want them to get a good impression about who you are and what you’re all about. Keeping an informative page helps users understand what your business does and how to access your services.

Keep your information up-to-date. Make sure to update your Facebook regularly for many reasons. First, by keeping things current, your content is fresh. Also, as you update your information, this gets your message in the users’ news feeds and keeps them involved. Create activity on your page for others to see.

Portray a friendly and fun internet personality. Facebook is a place for friends and fun. By creating a fun personality on your Facebook page, unlike your website, you offer a different kind of connection with your fans and friends. No one wants to be friends with someone uptight or too serious. Keep your content fun so users will keep visiting. Even if your business is serious, like a law firm or an ambulance company, there are ways to keep content positive and fun. Consider offering “Did You Know?” facts and other ways to create a positive light around your business.

Advertise tastefully. Create online contests, polls, and other ways users can be interactive. Get other Facebook users involved. By having fun contests, your users can enter and participate in fun challenges. Facebook is a great solution for affordable advertising and getting to know your customers better. Consider creating polls for users to rate your products and services. When users share their feedback on your products or services, other users see this as well.

Acknowledge your customers. Reply when a visitor posts a comment, link or picture on your page. A simple “Thanks!” or “Great idea!” creates a positive line of communication between your business and your customers. People love to be interact. That is why they are on Facebook in the first place. You create a positive connection when you keep your customers involved  in your business.

Follow other great businesses. Facebook is still new to a lot of people and everyone is still navigating how to make the most of it. By following other businesses on Facebook, you may be able to get ideas to improve your Facebook. Some great ones are Netflix, The Grass Pad, Oklahoma Joe’s and Chik-fil-a.


No spam.Annoying posts and advertisements will only irritate your fans. They’ll only continue to “Like” you if you give them something to like.

Don’t repeat yourself. Businesses who continue to post the same content will eventually be ignored. Even if you are committed to sending the same message, you can still create different ways to present things. Be creative and keep your content fresh and relevant.

Don’t be boring. Don’t just post ‘text’ updates. On Facebook, people don’t want to read a novel. Keep your posts simple and easy with pictures and different forms of media. Think about the things you like to see on Facebook and give users what they want.

Don’t give up!  Most importantly, don’t quit before Facebook begins to work for you. Every single Facebook user starts out with no friends or fans. Developing your business Facebook page can be a slow process. Continue to be persistent and keep a positive attitude. You and your customers will be glad you did.

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