Back in 2009, I wrote a post about how SEO is like a diet and PPC is like plastic surgery. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have referred to that analogy and how it has become one of my “go to” explanations.

Because I’m such a fan of infographics, I decided it was time to bring back that analogy with a little 2013 flair.  So here ya go.


Infographic Transcript:

SEO is a Diet. PPC is Plastic Surgery.

Search Engine Optimization is a lot like dieting.

• Both require discipline and patience.
• Both require ongoing effort.
• Outside factors can influence results.
• Achieving the goal doesn’t mean one can quit.
• Once desired results are achieved, good habits must be continued.

“Like eating right and exercising, adding fresh content and building links are ongoing efforts that can take months to achieve results.”

Pay-Per-Click is a lot like plastic surgery.

• Results are fast, almost immediate.
• Both require a financial investment.
• There is a degree of control over the results.
• Results can be achieved even with old habits.
• More money is required to keep getting results.

“Like visiting a plastic surgeon and paying for results, bidding on keywords and posting ads can get immediate results.”

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David McBee