IP_addressAmerican’s are consuming more internet content than ever before, with some sources stating that the average adult is spending over five hours per day online. (eMarketer) This surge in internet use is due in part to the large number of mobile devices that are being used. Today’s web surfers have access to their favorite web sites, social media updates, online reviews, internet radio stations and more in the palm of their hands nearly twenty-four/seven.

Thanks to this constant connectivity, there is more data available on these users than ever before – data that reveals what users are searching, what they’re reading and what kinds of websites they visit. Targeted display companies are excited because this increase in data allows them to sell more relevant audiences to their advertisers.

But one piece of data that is being revealed has many in the tech industry especially excited. Location based advertising has long been the holy grail of online marketing. Knowing exactly where a user is helps to provide geo-targeting down to a zip code or radius – something not available in media like television and radio.

And while there are several things on a computer that indicate its location, including the latitude and longitude transmitted by most internet browsers and the mapping software on the device, never has there been a data element as important as IP address. For those of you unfamiliar with IP address, it has not always been a completely reliable location provider.

But today, thanks to the excessive use of mobile devices, 70% of adults* are using their smartphones and tablets while using the bathroom. Never before have more users revealed their accurate IP address.

Get it? IP? As in… I pee?

Gotcha! LOL

Thanks for reading.


* I asked ten people if they take their phone or tablet to the bathroom and seven said they did.