Thanks to the guys over at Optima Worldwide for this great infographic about Facebook usage. Too bad there are no stats available on how many times per day folks check their Facebooks. I know I’m notorious for checking it way more than I probably should, and if you’ve ever heard me tease her at one of my speaking events, you know that my sweet wife couldn’t even tell you how many times she checks hers every day. (…at stop lights, in line at the grocery store, while watching TV, in the shower… okay, not really in the shower, but you get the point.) I’m not sure she has Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) just yet, but if I have to start posting on her wall to get her attention, I think we’re in trouble.

Anyway, this great infographic really shows what a powerhouse Facebook has become.  Take a look. (Oh, and don’t miss that creepy Zuckerberg wink! Nice touch.)

facebook usage stats 2013


Infographic Transcript

Facebook and the finances that follow

The launched in 2004
Costs for the website operations paid for by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin

April 2005 Accel Partners make a $12.7 million venture capital investment
Facebook worth $98 million at post-money-valuation

2005 domain name “” purchased for $200,000
October 2007 Microsoft pays $240 million for a 1.6% stake
Brings in about $150 million in revenue that year 

2011 profits jumped 65% to $1 billion

April 12, 2012 Facebook acquires Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock

So who owns Facebook?
39.3% Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft, Graylock Partners, Maratech Partners, Elevation Partners, Jim Breyer, Goldman Sachs, Chris Hughes and many more
28.2% mark Zuckerberg value $24 billion
10% Accel Partners value $8.5 billion
7.6% Dustin Moskowitz value $6.5 billion
5.4% Digital Sky Technology value $4.6 billion
4% Eduardo Saverin value $3.4 billion
4% Sean Parker value $3.4 billion
2.5% pure feel value $2.13 billion

Facebook held its initial public offering on May 18, 2012
At closing bell shares were valued at $38.23 only $.23 above the IPO price and down $3.82 from the opening bell value
Share value fell during nine of the next thirteen trading days, posting gains during just four. This led the Wall Street Journal to call the IPO a “fiasco”

So why is Facebook worth $100 billion?
Facebook has over 1 billion users
Psychologists have introduced a diagnosis FAD Facebook addiction disorder as a new kind of addiction
Over 1.1 3 trillion likes since the launch of lights in 2009
140.3 billion friend connections
2.9 billion photos
4” x 6” prints lined up, they could circle the earth 52, 768, 965 times
17 billion location-tag posts, including check-in
210,000 years of music played so far 

Infographic presented by Optima worldwide