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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

This video is pretty long. At an hour and twenty minutes, it is filled with statistics about review sites, how consumers are influenced by reviews and what reviews - both good and bad - can do for your business. I also highlight a strategy that will help you acquire more reviews. Plus, there are some clever examples of reviews in the real world that are pretty educational and often kinda fun. If online reputation management is important to you, I [...]

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Do Case Studies, Testimonials or Reviews Influence Purchase Decisions?

I'm a skeptic I guess. Because when I read an online review or hear a customer testimonial, my first thought is usually, "that's probably fake." Of course, that could have something to do with all the stories I've heard directly from business owners who've had their friends and mothers write reviews in an effort to improve their online ratings. This seems pretty innocent, right? It's not like Mom is lying. She really does think highly of your business. But if [...]

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Internet Marketing Insights. Ep 4. Online Reputation Management with Matt Brandenburg

On this episode of Internet Marketing Insights, Matt Brandenburg of PopClickle joins me for a discussion about online reputation management and online reviews. Listen to internet radio with AMDG Radio on BlogTalkRadio References: Get More Reviews and Manage Your Current Reviews with PopClickle Online Reputation Management Presentation on SlideShare ORM Explained (includes screenshot of Southwest Airlines ORM) The Trouble With Online Reputation Management Lessons from Kansas City Chiefs Social Media Blunder ATT Customer Care Tweet   Transcript: DAVID: Hello, and [...]

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Online Reputation Management Explained

So, you just Googled your business name and saw something there that didn’t please you. What was it?,,, or maybe just some negative reviews on Yelp or some other reputation site. What to do? What to do? First of all, is it a big deal? YES! In a recent survey performed by Cone, a brand marketing agency, results show that 80% of those interviewed have changed their purchase decision based upon a bad review they read, up [...]

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