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Don’t use landing pages with display

Landing pages make perfect sense for PPC campaigns. A user Googles his need. Your text ad answering his need appears. He clicks it and goes to a special page you've built just for him. Awesome for two reasons: One, it's a good user experience. The landing page is usually more relevant to the user's specific query than your more generic home page. Two, you can track the leads all the way from the search through to the landing page and [...]

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New Location Based Data More Available Than Ever Before

American’s are consuming more internet content than ever before, with some sources stating that the average adult is spending over five hours per day online. (eMarketer) This surge in internet use is due in part to the large number of mobile devices that are being used. Today’s web surfers have access to their favorite web sites, social media updates, online reviews, internet radio stations and more in the palm of their hands nearly twenty-four/seven. Thanks to this constant connectivity, there [...]

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Link Building Tactics 2014

My career has taken me away from link building of late. To be honest, I was happy to get away from it. Pandas and Penguins and Hummingbirds were stressing me out on a daily basis. Heck, I had hair before link building! Even today, when people ask about buying or building links, I try my best to persuade them to simply do good marketing, asking them, "If Google didn't exist, would you want that link? Would you pursue that tactic?" [...]

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How a Search Campaign is Like a Pandora Radio Station.

I take it for granted now, but I still remember the wonder and excitement I experienced when I first discovered Pandora Radio. The idea that I could create my very own radio station, customized to the kind of music that I liked… that was brand new territory not that long ago. For anyone who is unfamiliar with how Pandora works, it’s actually very cool. You “seed” a radio station by starting with one song or one artist. From there, Pandora [...]

Targeting Adults Over 50 Online

Does your business target adults who are over 50? The members of this age group who are online are known as Silver Surfers. Not to be confused with Marvel's Silver Surfer! If you're interested in getting your message in front of this audience, it is more important than ever that you make them a part of your online marketing strategy. Source: Accredited-Online-College.org

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Why are there so many ads online?

Most of the articles I write are to business owners. I try very hard to help them understand complex internet marketing concepts so that they can determine how best to promote their business online. Today, I’m writing to you, the consumer, the user of the internet, with a reminder – one that we all need once in awhile, to stop complaining about internet advertising. You see, I recently overheard my son complaining about having to watch a commercial on YouTube [...]

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Facebook Seminar from The Rental Show 2014

In my role as internet marketing educator, I often get invited to put on seminars for business owners. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to speak at The Rental Show, hosted by The American Rental Association for the past three years. At this year's show, I spoke specifically on Facebook strategies for business. Over 400 businesses attended and graded the seminar at the end of the event. My score was a 4.9 out of 5. I only [...]

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Life is Good Playlist

Here's my way of sharing some of my favorite songs that make me realize that Life is Good. Nothing in the world makes me happier than taking down the top on my Jeep and cruising with my family while we sing these. We call it Jeep Therapy! I hope you enjoy them. Check my Facebook on Mondays for new songs, and please feel free to comment below with some of your own favorites.  

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Local Plumbing Company Uses Facebook to Generate Over $100,000 a Year

You may have heard of Morgan Miller Plumbing. If you're plugged into the social media scene in Kansas City, I would pretty much bet on it. This local business has leveraged Facebook in a way that most businesses owners only dream of. They won KCSourceLink's Battle of the Brands in 2013. Facebook invited them to join its inaugural 12-member Small and Medium Business Council. It's not a stretch to say that in local business circles, they are considered social media [...]

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