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  1. Andy Willoughby

    I was looking for a speaker for a networking event I was hosting so I called a person who is known in my city to have a really good online presence for their business. She gave David the credit for her success. I reached out to David and I am so glad I did. He is easily the best speaker I have ever heard for online marketing. Our crowd was mesmerized. I got lots of great comments on his presentation. David isn’t just a good speaker, he is clearly an expert on the subject.

  2. Casey

    I was truly blown away with David. His passion for the industry is contagious and I left his educational sessions on Digital Marketing feeling inspired. He has a realistic approach for delivering information, cutting out the unnecessary lectures and really focusing on what is going to improve my company’s footprint on the market. He was quick to offer solutions that could apply to the entire room, not just one specific person. I’m really looking forward to putting all of the information shared into action!

  3. Paul W

    I continue to be amazed with the quality and detail of David’s delivery in public speaking and closed training sessions. He motivated my sales team to levels I have not seen before and I know they continue to refer to him as they bring in more and more digital contracts. He is extremely passionate about his subject area and the seminars he produces, both in person and online, which are truly world class in terms of research and execution.

  4. Jess

    The level of training we received from David for our Internet Marketing Consultants, print and broadcast reps is top notch. Our revenues from digital have grown year over year due in large part to David’s training and expertise. David is one of those guys that always makes you feel like you are the only customer he has even though that’s far from reality. He turns a topic like digital that many people might find intimidating and turns it into a fun, dynamic learning experience. With David McBee training your team, you simply will make more money!

  5. Sharon Van Horn

    I have been to dozens of trade show presentations over the years, but the two seminars David McBee did at the recent ARA show in New Orleans were some of the best, if not THE best I have ever attended.

    David is a great presenter – very comfortable and knowledgeable – and his information on Online Video and Online Reputation Management were presented in a manner that was easy to understand – he talked real-people language, not social media-speak!

    It was all very pertinent to the rental business, and he showed examples, gave handouts and provided resources that gave me the opportunity to immediately put into practice for our business the information he shared. I had follow-up questions after I got back home and he returned my call immediately, was very forthcoming in answering my questions, and even asked me to share with him our first video attempt.

    Working through the maze of online media options and opportunities just got a whole lot easier because I have David McBee as a resource. After many unsuccessful attempts to move in the right direction with our social media marketing plan, thanks to David I’m now on the right track and moving forward. Thank you David!

  6. Brad

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank David McBee and his team for their hard work and diligence in helping to make our SEO company a success. With ongoing SEO and a little help from David, we were able to get our client’’s site to the #1 position on the SERP in his market. Getting great links is a tough business. Poor quality links from blogs or asking for permission from sites to link to their sites was both time consuming and did not allow for the reputation management that we needed. David has helped me to get high quality links with anchor text that relates to our sites. I will continue to turn to David and his team for my link building needs.

  7. Tom Fouts

    I was introduced to David at an Internet Seminar that I attended. It was clear then that he had a lot of expertise in the areas of growing my business online. We handle our own website in house, so we immediately started implementing several of the free tips that David had shared with us. We have seen great improvements to our own web site after a very short time. As for the marketing campaign that he and his team built, manages and tracks for us, it is exceeding my expectations. We are getting multiple calls from customers on a daily basis. The level of service and the actual results have been better than anything we have seen from any other Internet marketing companies we have worked with. If you get an opportunity to attend David’s seminar, or if you can talk him into an Internet Evaluation, be sure and take advantage of his expertise.

  8. Miranda

    I’ve attended three of David’s talks at the ARA Rental Show over the last two years & he is both informative & entertaining. From SEO to online reputation management he has excellent tips & tricks!

  9. Terry Trusgnich

    David and his team have been handling our account for some time and have made tremendous strides in making it a productive part of our overall advertising strategy. It’s extremely complex and they certainly know their way around SEO. I would highly recommend David and his team for all online advertising work!

    Terry Trusgnich- Aide Rentals & Sales

  10. Joel Johns

    David has an extreme passion for all things internet marketing and that comes out when you talk to him. It is very easy to tell that David loves what he does and is great at it. David’s team has satisfied the needs of many of our clients over the years as he is our primary referral for these types of services. We design the sites and he helps put them on the map.

  11. Stephen Heiner

    I’ve had the chance to work with David almost continuously since 2006. He’s been my tutor for the person who knew nothing about SEO or PPC. He generously gave of his time and focused on helping me build the best online presence possible. I often consult with David on new projects or businesses that I am involved in and I always recommend him to anyone struggling with their web presence management. Why? Because he’s the best and I trust him to do what experts do: help me win. You could go with someone else… but you’ll be missing out.

  12. Bob Stirton

    I had an equipment business that sold in 2007. After being on the sideline for a few years, I decided to jump back in the entrepreneurship game. But things had changed. Now everybody had a website so I had to get one too. Once I got the website up and running I thought the phone would start to ring, but it didn’t. I started calling around and a friend told me that I needed to go see David McBee.

    Between the time I contacted David for our initial appointment and the day he arrived, he had already done a lot of research on my business. He told me plain and simple, “Bob, it’s all about getting positioning and there are several ways to do this.” He explained it very simply so I could understand. He talked about getting there by paying for it, and also using SEO to get there organically. We set up a strategy which was (and still is) incredibly effective. David and his team take very good care of me. We talk frequently he’s the easiest guy to work with that I’ve ever encountered in business.

    Most importantly, my phone rings every day. I enjoy recommending David to friends and everyone has the same comment after their initial meeting: “Thank you so much for introducing me to David.”

  13. Scott Woodruff - Event Central

    David has a great understanding of SEO and its integration with Social Media. Though we have been business/blogging for 4 years, we recently consulted with David to help us understand the power of blogging to maximize our impact for ranking high with organic search results. He is clearly at the head of his class when it comes to keeping up with the fast changing environment of Google Search.

  14. Hector

    A-1 Window Tint has spent years and thousands of dollars for online advertising with other companies and we didn’t get the best luck. David started helping us for an affordable price and got us great results! Now my website is on the first page of Google. David is always available when I call with questions, even though I haven’t spent money with him in awhile. I feel that he truly cares about the success of my business. Thanks for your help Dave. You saved me money and know how to get the job done. We will highly recommend you to everyone looking for help with their internet marketing. Thank you

    Hector Lopez

  15. Dawn Conners

    I’ve had the privilege of getting to know David through our kids’ activities as well as work for him in a real estate capacity. It was during some of those conversations that I became aware of exactly what it is that David does; he makes sense out of internet gobbledygook!

    Last year I decided to start a small marketing business and reached out to David with a few questions and he was kind enough to point me in the right direction. With his guidance I went from page 15 on a Google search to just recently number 1 on page 1. He easily explained why I should shift my thinking and how to do it. It was fast and painless and he even made me laugh.

    If you’re a business looking for an SEO expert I would highly recommend David McBee. My business has grown exponentially since our last conversation and I couldn’t be happier.

    Dawn Conners

  16. Steven T Aardweg

    After spending a year and half building a new site, redesigning it, re-re designing it, and integrating as much SEO as possible, my site showed organically on page two. Good, but not good enough. In my research over the past year I have saved numerous sites/articles of interest which I had assessed as perhaps being of value in the future. David’s site and comments were among those. After a brief conversation with David he checked my site and told me “You’ve done all the right things, but now you need to up the ante to get to page one. With what you’ve done already, I feel confident that I can have your site showing on page one within a couple of weeks.”

    Hmmm – big claim. I hoped that within a month or so my site would start improving with his link building.

    NO – within two weeks my site was showing on page one. That was over three months ago and my site now dominates in my chosen terms. When the links start to lose strength I will definitely be calling David again.

    Great service and David is there afterwards.

    Steve Aardweg

  17. Danny

    David is great to work with and even puts up with all the questions I ask him! A real knowledgeable guy and very helpful. He has helped me to rank many websites.

  18. Cathy Williams

    David has helped me increase my clients’ SEO rankings and has taught me a great deal about the workings of the internet. I have been working with David close to a year now and have seen real success. I highly recommend working with David.
    Cathy Williams

  19. Dana

    David started helping me a few months ago with my online presence. He has taken my little website from a few visits here and there, to having to constantly monitor my email so I can answer the vastly improved number of leads I am receiving. We are on the first page of Google for several of our most important keywords. We are gaining new customers on a regular basis. There is no detail too small for David to grasp, I appreciate his efforts very much.

  20. Raw Nuke

    David knows how to lend the helping hand to not just his potential clients, not just his existing clients, but anyone interested in the business of Internet Marketing. His passion shows through his willingness to answer every question to the finest of details without a lecture or boring someone to sleep.

    He has brilliant metaphors that make it easy, even for me, to understand the points he makes on more advanced Search Engine theories. I’ve known David now for almost three years and have always found him to be readily available and easy to talk to. It helps that he is also the Internet’s leading man on SEO now! Congratulations, David McBee, you’ve achieved your goal and you’ve helped people along the way. The true mark of a genuine success.

  21. Joshua Jobst Photography

    David McBee is the best in the SEO business bar none. As a Michigan wedding photographer working in a very highly competitive market, he took my website from Google obscurity to page one for all of my keywords faster than I ever imagined. The proof is in the pudding and David gets results. Period. What impressed me equally as much, however, was the time and dedication David extended to me when he was under no obligation to do so. I first spoke with David approximately six months ago seeking information regarding link building and how it could help my website to rank better. I did not have a budget for link building at the time and was only hoping to understand more about how links can impact website ranking. David not only took the time to listen to my questions and explain things in a language I could understand, but he actually advised me on what exactly to do in order to increase my ranking in Google now. There was no charge; no pressure; and no hard sales tactics. Just friendly advice like a brother would give. I knew I liked this guy already. Needless to say, I wrote down everything he told me to do, and following his advice I was able to get my website to page two or three in Google for my main keywords within just a few short months. I knew then that David was my SEO guy and it was time to take things to the next level. I did, and it proved to be the smartest business decision I ever made. My website is now on the first page of Google for all of my keywords, and is ranking as high as #1-3 for my main keywords. I highly recommend David and his team of dedicated SEO experts. Thanks again David for all you have done for my business!

    Joshua Jobst, Joshua Jobst Photography

  22. Jon Clements

    David found an ad I was running online with another SEM company. The ad was about roofing, but not commercial roofing, which is all I do. He pointed this out to me and offered to do an Internet Evaluation of my web presence. He really did his homework, showing me all the keywords I should have been showing up for but wasn’t. Then he found out about my business, what I do, what services I offer, what are my goals? And that was the end of our first meeting. He didn’t even try to sell me anything. He said he wanted to make sure he could help me before making a recommendation.

    At our second meeting, he had a custom-made proposal built just for my business. It all looked like it made sense so I gave him the green light. I’m so happy I did because my phone is ringing again! After only one and a half months of advertising, I’ve closed THREE jobs and have bids out on SIX more. Bottom line, I am really pleased with the way this online campaign is performing. I would recommend David to anyone looking to market online.


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