Internet Marketing Seminars

Every business is trying to understand the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. And while there are hundreds of blogs, books, podcasts and articles on the subject, one of the best ways to learn is by attending one of David’s Seminars.

David’s ability to convert complex strategies into information that anyone can understand, and his ability to infuse potentially boring information with a little humor has made his seminars a success all over the United States and Canada.

Here are a few of David’s most popular seminars. If you don’t see your topic here, David can create a custom presentation for your organization.

If you’re interested in having David speak with your group about Internet Marketing, Social Media, Online Reputation Management or any of the topics covered in his blog, please contact him. 


  1. Trevor Troutman

    Attended the ARA show in Orlando this year. David was absolutely amazing and will be an amazing resource for our company as we build and grow. Thanks David for all the wonderful information!

  2. Jodi Rawson

    David presented to our local healthcare marketing organization and did a fantastic job. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The group walked away with usable ideas and attainable goals to implement into our social media marketing.

  3. Matt

    Great speaker! Great flow. Loads of useful information. I am really thankful I got to sit in on his seminar. Take advantage of the opportunity if you ever get it.

  4. Chris

    Saw David at the ARA show in Orlando this past weekend. As always, he delivers. The information I obtained during the two seminars I attended will benefit my business greatly. I sincerely appreciate the straightforwardness David approaches his presentations with. No filler, just facts.

  5. Jacob Martin

    Great presentation at the ARA show yesterday. I learned some tips that I will begin implementing immediately.

  6. Gwen Gustafson

    Thank-you so much for your presentation to the Fun Services owners group. It was extremely informative and helpful. You have an awesome approach to teaching that absolutely helps people to understand how to implement social media and internet marketing into the game plan.

  7. Greg Teal

    David, Your candor and expertise in speaking with our group is greatly appreciated. As a tech guy myself I felt you helped cut through the fake or old concepts and helped us focus on tangible ideas that work. I took lots of notes and have been working to get our business into the social marketing space. It was a great benefit to me personally and to our group. Thank You!

  8. Ken Bernard

    David, great session with our group. You spent lots of time telling us what we ned to do to compete. Enjoyed the session. Was the kick in the pants to get started.
    Ken & Charlotte

  9. Randy Draper

    After attending David’s seminar our business has been able to jump into the world of social media and we finally feel like we are getting somewhere. His ideas were well presented, cohesive and bring new information to beginners and professionals alike.

  10. Phil Azriel

    Thanks for opening my eyes to more opportunities with our website marketing. Look forward to talking with you more in the future. You will help make Fun Services the #1 entertainment company in the country.

  11. Bryan Nash

    Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us during out conference. It was a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of getting our name out there on the internet.

  12. funservicesnc

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I left the presentation with a feeling of confidence that I do know a little bit about the internet! In all honesty, it was a great presentation. You made it very easy to follow, relevant and engaging. For anyone reading these posts, I would highly recommend getting engaged with David in one way or another. I appreciated your candor and the fact that you didn’t talk “down” to anyone that might not be able to follow some of the lingo from our group. Thank you for your time and efforts to make our group stronger. – Doug

  13. Jerry Tortoro

    David thanks for coming out to our meetings in Kansas City. Your presentation was full of information and I plan to use quite a bit moving forward. I will be in touch to discuss site retargeting vs search retargeting once I get more info. Thanks for all the explanations. I left feeling just a little smarter. 🙂

  14. zach

    Thanks David! Great presentation. We were talking about it for a long time afterwards! Looking forward to working together on a few new projects.

  15. Wendy Kaufmann

    Thank you for the great information you provided in your seminar.

  16. Reid Mueller

    Hi David,

    Thanks for coming to speak to our class this past week. You offered great insights into how to make an infographic as well as the value of an infographic in terms of added traffic to your website.

    If anyone has a chance to hear David speak, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.


  17. Michelle Keller

    David’s presentation on infographics is top-notch! In fact, it was so good the first time I saw it, I asked him to present it again at a graduate-level class I teach at a local university. His delivery style, combined with his animated presentation, makes for a very fun, engaging experience. His passion for infographics, online marketing and SEO strategy clearly shines through. I would highly recommend David as a speaker and a strategist for anyone wanting to make the most of their social media marketing efforts.

  18. Sarah Guthrie

    I attended David’s infographics seminar sponsored by Non Profit Connect in Kansas City. I wasn’t even sure what an info graphic was but he clearly defined it and showed us how to use it to promote our not for profit organizations. Great job! S. D. Guthrie Academie Lafayette

  19. Tom Fouts

    I was introduced to David at an Internet Seminar that I attended. It was clear then that he had a lot of expertise in the areas of growing my business online. We handle our own website in house, so we immediately started implementing several of the free tips that David had shared with us. We have seen great improvements to our own web site after a very short time. If you get an opportunity to attend David’s seminar, be sure and take advantage of his expertise.
    Tom Fouts, President, Bledsoe Rentals

  20. Kathleen Krenicki

    Hi David, I really enjoyed your seminar! I was a little nervous to attend, since I am very new to using the internet to promote Timothy Memorial School. I learned so much that I am now using Twitter and Linkedin like a pro, well almost!. You presented in such a clear way, even a novice like me benefited. Thank you.
    Kathleen Krenicki, Executive Director, Timothy Memorial School

  21. Michele Christensen

    Great presentation in Los Angeles last night! I loved that you gave so much good information that we can use right now, and that you explained why you think the way you do for each issue. It was definitely a technical talk but not hard at all to understand. I think everyone got a lot out of it which is quite a feat since there were full beginners on up to people who make a living doing SEO.

  22. James Hu

    I had to pleasure of sitting in one David’s presentation at last night’s SEO Meetup in Los Angeles. Everything he talked about was informative and useful. He was able to present a lot information in a very laid back manner and down to earth approach. This guy knows what he’s talking about!

  23. John Jakob

    David, I really enjoyed the seminar at ARA in Las Vegas this week. I really considered myself well versed in social media and even websites. However you gave me a real eye opening education. I had no idea everything was so interconnected and the value of using that interconnection for my benefit. I am rethinking all my strategy and implementing some of the ideas you opened up. Thank you.

  24. Marynell Jones

    I’ve now attended two of David’s seminars and both have given me excellent insight on how to improve my company’s online profile. He is a wealth of knowledge on the matter and gives practical, actionable plans for companies to take advantage of. I highly recommend his seminars!

  25. Brian Yingling

    I learned a great deal of new information at David’s seminar in Pennsylvania. He presented relevant, timely information to our group in a manner that was very easy to understand. I have already implemented a number of his suggestions within our company. If you are a business owner or manager interested in establishing a clear strategy for utilizing social media and internet marketing, give David a call.

  26. Rebecca

    I attend a lot of seminars, most of which feel like a waste of time or are so overwhelming. However at David’s seminar in Hamburg, it was completely different. I was so glad I went because the material was relevant to some decisions we were making in the near future and I left feeling like I can implement almost all that he recommended.

  27. Carol Frederick

    Thank you David for the great seminar last week. This is my second time attending one of your seminars, and I can’t wait until February for my third. Internet marketing is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up, but you are right on top of all the trends. I like that you actually take time to learn about our industry so that you can give us best practices for reaching our customers, not just the masses. As Carrie said, it’s obvious that you have a passion for this, and it comes across in your teaching. Kudos again, and see you in Vegas!

  28. Susan Glenn

    I attended a two hour seminar by David, hosted by the American Rental Association of Pennsylvania. His insights and helpful advice was well worth the two hour drive to meet him and hear what he had to say. I came away from the seminar with a large “to-do” list, which I immediately started to tackle. He gave us valuable information with regard to SEO and organic search listings and has been more than willing to answer any of my follow-up questions via email. I have the opportunity to listen to him again in Las Vegas at our National show and it’s the first seminar that I will sign up for! Thanks David!!!!! The information you gave me can only do one thing – – make my business grow!

  29. Carrie Bloesch

    I attended one of David’s seminars through the American Rental Association, and I cannot tell you how engaging and knowledgeable David was. He made Internet Marketing actually seem fun! It is obvious he loves what he does, and I really took away many great tips that I will start using immediately on our website and for social media. Thanks David – you were great!

  30. Catherine Leyen

    David is an innovator in Social Media, AND he is willing to share the “tricks of the trade”. I have so many ideas on how to apply his methodologies, I cannot wait to get them implemented! Thanks again David for the sharing.

  31. Rhonda

    David was fantastic. He did a brilliant job of breaking down the whole “links” issue and putting it into terms that made sense. He definitely knows what he is talking about, does his research and has an engaging and professional manner of presenting. Among many other things, his insights into Google+ were great!

  32. Josh McCoy (@JoshuaCMcCoy)

    David delivered quite possibly one of the best presentations I have ever seen! He was able to take a large amount of material and give it the audience and myself in an easily digestible and personable manner. I think everyone walked away with a true understanding of link-building as well next steps they should be performing to gain search marketing success. Thanks again David for a great presentation!

  33. Christopher Fey

    Just got back from New Orleans where David hosted a very informative seminar on websites and Google. I must admit, I thought I had all my bases covered when it came to my website and our Google page – that is until David took the stage! I am excited to apply what I learned to our online strategies and I thank David for his excellent work!
    Christopher Fey
    Shaughnessy Rentals
    Plymouth, MA

  34. Phil Edwards

    I attended David’s seminars at the ARA convention in New Orleans, a really informative and thought provoking afternoon. It confirmed that our strategy on social media marketing was correct but also we had a long way to go; David certainly steered us in the right direction.
    Phil Edwards
    Event Hire

  35. Ron Pierce

    I was at the seminar last week and it was amazing! I have been to a lot of seminars in my 30 plus years of being in business and this was one of the best ones I have ever attended! Rather than taking away small bits and pieces of a seminar, the whole seminar was loaded with important information. David was so knowledgeable about internet marketing and kept the audience captivated and involved the whole time. David was also very helpful answering all my questions. I can not recommend this seminar enough!!

  36. Terry Trusgnich

    I was also at the internet marketing seminar in Madison and took home a bunch of better marketing ideas. David has a real laid-back approach to teaching what can sometimes be a complex subject and I really enjoyed it. If you get a chance to see him in action I would highly recommend it!

  37. Jim Erickson

    I attended David’s seminar in Madison, WI last weekend and came away with three suggestions for our TRAM Members site. First – I was on the right path towards improving placement, second – our links required additional research on improving our position, and third – develop an outsourcing plan to improve your web positioning.


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